2025 NFL mock draft: Full first round mock with outrageous trades

Let's do a 2025 NFL mock draft that includes trades!
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29. Detroit Lions - Nic Anderson, WR, Oklahoma

Why not keeping adding to a unit of strength? It might be likely that their current OC, Ben Johnson, departs for a head coaching job next cycle, so in that case, the Detroit Lions may want to bolster the offense to try and cancel out the regression from losing Johnson.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Barrett Carter, LB, Clemson

A defensive culture will continue to prioritize the defensive side of the ball, so this pick makes sense. It'll be interesting to see how the Baltimore Ravens defense performs without their stud defensive coordinator, Mike Macdonald.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Derrick Moore, EDGE, Michigan

The San Francisco 49ers just know how an NFL roster is built. These are the types of positions that teams need to be targeting in the first round. Derrick Moore is yet another first-round pick from Michigan in this 2025 mock draft.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Andrew Mukuba, S, Texas

Would the Kansas City Chiefs really use a first-round pick on a safety? They've had a ton of luck in devleoping mid and late-round defensive backs, but perhaps Andrew Mukuba is simply too good for them to pass up.

Could this 2025 NFL mock draft end up being the real deal a year from now? You may think it's ridiculous, but I bet teams are already beginning prep for the 2025 NFL Draft. It's all about staying ahead in the NFL.