2025 NFL mock draft: These three teams are most likely to pick first overall

Are these the three most likely teams to pick first overall in the 2025 NFL Draft?
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts / Luke Hales/GettyImages

The 2025 NFL Draft is still months away, but let's take a very early look at the three teams that are most likely to pick first overall. I cannot help myself, sorry. The 2024 NFL Draft class still has not played an NFL game, but there are preseason games beginning in August.

The 2025 NFL Draft is still months and months away, but I bet many teams across the NFL are already beginning to prepare for next year's draft. The 2025 NFL Draft may not be quite as deep offensively as the 2024 NFL Draft, but there is still a good bit of talent to be had.

Let's look at three teams who are most likely picking first overall in 2025.

2025 NFL mock draft: These three teams are most likely to pick first overall
Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders will start one of Aidan O'Connell or Gardner Minshew for the 2024 NFL Season, and both QBs may end up getting some starts. The offensive line and secondary are still questions, along with their bottom of the barrel QB room.

The team also made a pretty iffy decision when they made Antonio Pierce the full-time head coach. Pierce was only a position coach in 2023, and is now a head coach in 2024. The last coach to make that kind of leap was Brandon Staley, and his tenure with the LA Chargers was not great.

We'll see if the Raiders can surprise people, but they have all the makings of being a horrible team in 2024.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are not messing around with their rebuild. This team is missing a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, took a rookie QB in the first round, and have hired a new coach and de-facto GM. The Patriots simply won't be a competitive team in 2024, and that's OK. The team isn't supposed to be any good, and them getting the top pick in the 2025 NFL Draft could land them a blue-chip WR or OT prospect.

They have long-term needs at both of those positions. The left tackle spot is unsolved, and the team has no WR1 on the roster. Could the Patriots pick in the top three in two consecutive NFL Drafts? It seems unlikely, but it's likely to happen.

New York Giants

You have to wonder what the New York Giants were trying to do this offseason. Between a horrid situation at QB and still a horrid situation along the offensive line, the Giants might be barreling toward the top pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, which could be good for the franchise in the long-term.

Daniel Jones and Drew Lock highlight the top two quarterbacks, and it would not surprise me to see both start multiple games in the 2024 NFL Season. Giants GM Joe Schoen has really messed this roster up, and it could lead them to a top pick in 2025.