3 2025 NFL Draft stars at QB you can get familiar with in College Football 25

Get familiar with these future NFL stars in the new College Football 25 video game
2025 NFL Draft, Shedeur Sanders
2025 NFL Draft, Shedeur Sanders / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The return of the EA Sports College Football video game title is some of the best news of the year, and it's not just something strictly NCAA football fans can enjoy. If you want to see the next up-and-coming NFL stars in a fun, unique way, this game is going to be one way to get a head start on 2025 NFL Draft scouting. And future years, for that matter.

Who are the future potential NFL stars at the quarterback position you can get a unique look at through this video game release? Let's take a look at some of the top names.

Future 2025 NFL Draft stars you can see up close in new College Football 25 video game

Carson Beck, Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs will be one of the most popular teams to play with in the College Football 25 video game and Carson Beck will be a huge reason for that. Having a top-flight quarterback always makes football video games a lot more fun, but fans who are worried about the upcoming QB class might be put at ease when they get a chance to see how Beck is portrayed in this game.

In his first year as starter for Georgia, Beck completed 72.4 percent of his passes for 3,941 yards and 24 touchdowns. He has a chance this coming season to really establish himself as a legit candidate to be the #1 overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Shedeur Sanders, Colorado

Over the last handful of months, Shedeur Sanders has become a bit of a controversial or polarizing player thanks to the fact that he took to social media and said some things that rubbed people the wrong way (regarding a former teammate). No matter what, Sanders is going to be one of the best overall quarterbacks in the video game and he's going to be one of the most anticipated players in the entire 2025 NFL Draft.

Frankly, the fact that Sanders has been a bit polarizing this offseason is overshadowing the fact that he might have one of the highest ceilings of any QB prospect in the 2025 NFL Draft. In his first year coming up from Jackson State, Sanders threw for over 3,200 yards with 27 touchdowns and just three interceptions.

Jalen Milroe, Alabama

The future is bright for Alabama star quarterback Jalen Milroe. His athletic traits were on display last year when he threw for over 2,800 yards and 23 touchdowns while rushing for an additional 12 touchdowns.

Every year, people are looking for that next quarterback who can rise up the ranks and become a special NFL talent, and Milroe could very well be that player this year. He's going to be one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country, and what's more fun in a video game than a player like that?