3 bold 2024 offseason predictions for Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have a ton of work to do in the offseason to fix their offense.
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. OC Matt Nagy is fired at the end of the seasno

It was the first year in a while that Eric Bieniemy was not the OC in Kansas City. They brought Matt Nagy back to town after Bieniemy went over to the Washington Commanders. Well, it seems like the Chiefs have really missed Bieniemy. His rugged and tough coaching methods are sorely missed on the offense.

The Chiefs offense was called for the second-most holding calls in the NFL this year. They were called for the second-most offensive pass interference penalties. Their points per game was 21.8 this year, which ranked 15th in the NFL. All of these poor indictments of the offense didn't seem to be issues with Bieniemy as the OC, so I do think Matt Nagy takes a ton of blame here. I think the Chiefs end up moving on from Nagy at the end of the year.

It's a necessary change that they need to make.

1. Chiefs make multiple significant moves at wide receiver

When I mean significant, I think the team figures out how to throw a massive bag at one or more of the top wide receiver free agents. Mike Evans is the most notable pending free agent. I do think his current team, the Buccaneers, would love to re-sign him, but Evans could also chase a richer contract and want the opportunity to play with Patrick Mahomes.

They could also add another notable receiver in Tyler Boyd, who is also a pending free agent. And I also think they wouldn't stop there, perhaps looking to the 2024 NFL Draft to further bolster one of the worst pass-catching units in the NFL.