3 CeeDee Lamb trades that would shake up the NFL in 2024 season

Could CeeDee Lamb be traded?
CeeDee Lamb
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Until the Dallas Cowboys give superstar wide receiver CeeDee Lamb a contract extension, people are going to speculate about whether or not he could potentially be traded. As unlikely as that may seem if the Kansas City Chiefs can trade Tyreek Hill, then there's probably not a receiver in the league who is off-limits for the right price.

The Cowboys undoubtedly don't want to trade CeeDee Lamb, especially with Dak Prescott needing an extension. Trading Prescott's favorite target wouldn't exactly help the Cowboys in negotiations, would it? But again, until the Cowboys make it clear they're committing to Lamb for the long haul, these types of articles are going to continually be cranked out by the NFL content mill.

You're all welcome.

What trades involving CeeDee Lamb would rock the NFL to its core in 2024? Which teams making a bold move to trade for him and sign him to a monstrous extension would potentially have Super Bowl implications?

1. Kansas City Chiefs could three-peat by trading for CeeDee Lamb

No NFL team should be "helping" a team like the Kansas City Chiefs out in this way. Let's say the Chiefs offered multiple first-round picks and someone like Skyy Moore or Xavier Worthy in exchange for Lamb. Why would the Dallas Cowboys set them up for success like this?

Imagine CeeDee Lamb playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and emerging as their long-term top target for quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This would take so much pressure off of Travis Kelce and would give the Chiefs the go-to threat at reciever they've been lacking for the last two years, and they've been winning big in spite of that roster weakness.

Getting Lamb on the Chiefs' roster would be unfair. The Cowboys would have to require something big in a trade from them like multiple first-round picks and a player even for the NFL to sign off on allowing something like this. But no matter what the Chiefs would give up, it probably wouldn't be enough to make things "fair" for the 31 other NFL teams.

This would be video-game like and the Chiefs would almost certainly win their third Super Bowl in a row.