3 teams who can end the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty in the 2024 NFL Season

Can these 3 teams put an end to the Chiefs dynasty?
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have won three Super Bowls in the last five seasons and have officially hit the dynasty label, but could these three teams end that dynasty in 2024? Since 2018, the first year that Patrick Mahomes took over as starter, there have been three teams who have ended the Chiefs season in the playoffs.

Those teams would be the 2018 Patriots, 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the 2021 Cincinnati Bengals. Well, since Tom Brady is out of the league, that's one less person who can get in the way of the Chiefs. Are there two other teams who can end the Chiefs dynasty in 2024?

3 teams who can end the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty in the 2024 NFL Season
Cincinnati Bengals

Currently the only active NFL player who poses a threat to Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow and the Bengals took down the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game back in 2021, and the Bengals have actually had their way with the Chiefs in the regular season. More talented on paper, Cincy should be right back in the mix in 2024 if Burrow can stay healthy.

But with now having two season-ending injuries under his belt, it's worth wondering if Burrow will continue to struggle to stay in the lineup, as he has never played a full season in the NFL. Nonetheless, Joe Burrow and the Bengals can again takedown the Chiefs in the playoffs in 2024 and kick this dynasty to the curb.

Houston Texans

Maybe the biggest long-term threat to the Chiefs, I'm personally predicting that the Houston Texans win it all this year. The upstart team won 10 games in 2023 with a rookie head coach and QB. Not only that, CJ Stroud wasn't just great for a rookie, he was great, period. He's the fourth-best QB in the NFL and is still just 22 years old, somehow,

With the Texans going all-in this offseason with the additions of Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter, the roster is also quite loaded. The AFC South isn't the best division, either, so Houston should have no problem at least earning a top four seed in the postseason. Frankly, there might not be another passer in the NFL that I'd rather take for the next decade besides Mahomes than Stroud himself.

He took care of the ball at an alarmingly efficient rate in 2023 and also proved to be able to have a ton of volume as a passer.

Detroit Lions

Having the best roster in the NFL, the Detroit Lions have made huge strides over the last few seasons and are ready to make the leap into Super Bowl contender status. Making a deep run to the NFC Championship Game in 2023, the Lions now have the necessary playoff experience to make it past the conference title game.

Jared Goff has reinvigorated his career, and Lions GM Brad Holmes has hit home run after home run in his NFL Draft classes. The Lions are also great where it matters the most; at QB and in the trenches. The team is built the right way and is built to win late in the season. Goff has also played in a Super Bowl before, so it's not like the QB will hold them back.

My Super Bowl 59 prediction is actually the Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans. These two teams are fun and just flat-out excellent football teams. They're the two most likely to get in the way of the Chiefs and put an end to their dynasty.