3 free agent running backs the Philadelphia Eagles could sign in 2024

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NFL Free Agent RB #2 Saquon Barkley
Age: 27

Relocating to the NFC East is a challenge for incoming players. Intense rivalries and heated competition fuel franchises to give their best effort every time they step onto the field. Saquon Barkley is not a stranger to the traditions of the conference's widest bunch. His tenure with the New York Giants exposed him to crazed fans, close games, and unfathomable finishes. Barkley is a free agent and should consider joining a familiar team.

A shifty, dual-threat tailback describes most of Philadelphia’s previous rushers. D’Andre Swift experienced success on the ground and in the air with the Eagles until durability became an issue. His 1,083 rushing yards were impressive, but are not enough to convince the front office of a new deal. Injuries have also hindered Barkley throughout his career. The former first-round pick played 14 games last year and finished with his third-lowest rushing yard total (593). Hiccups in the offense created additional roadblocks - preventing Barkley from showcasing his true talent. A chance to pair up with a dynamic quarterback and wide receiver duo will help the two-time Pro Bowler find his stride.

NFL Free Agent RB #1 Josh Jacobs
Age: 26

A new offensive identity will help the Eagles win more games in the upcoming season. They were sporadic last season and fizzled out in the most crucial moments of the campaign. Turnovers were the root of the problem. Jalen Hurts threw six interceptions in 2022. He more than doubled his total last year (15). Attempts to create big plays were to his detriment. A reliable mailbag could prevent mistakes by becoming a lethal checkdown option.

There are multiple running backs that excel in passing schemes available in the free-agent market. None of them will perform better than Josh Jacobs. His ability to create space from linebackers and safeties is a game-changer for offensive coordinators. Jacobs is elusive after the catch and can punish defenders between the tackles. Last season, Jacobs earned eight yards per reception and 805 rushing yards in 13 games. He’s an all-purpose back with a few years of productivity left.

The Philadelphia Eagles are desperate to fix the issues that prevented them from advancing to Super Bowl LVIII. Finding a tailback that can help the offense should be a top priority. Howie Roseman and his front office hold the 22nd pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. They have other needs and could use the free agency market to land a seasoned rusher.

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