3 ideal trade destinations for Jets' QB Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson will need to continue is NFL career at the bottom of a QB depth chart in 2024 and beyond.

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New York Jets QB Zach Wilson has been given permission to seek a trade, and there should be some obvious fits for the controversial QB. If a QB hasn't put it together after three seasons, they likely never fill, so for Zach Wilson, his future in the NFL might be as a backup QB on a new team. And considering how difficult it is to find a franchise QB, Zach Wilson was not the first nor will he be the last "dud" QB draft pick.

Some team should take a chance on Zach Wilson as a QB3 with backup potential, and I do think a sharp offensive mind is going to jump at the chance to work with the former second overall pick. Which three teams would make the most sense for Zach Wilson in 2024?

3 ideal trade destinations for Jets' QB Zach Wilson
1. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos obviously do not have a franchise QB on their team and could be in the market for a low-cost, low-risk acquisition like Zach Wilson. For parts of his tenure in New Orleans, Sean Payton has played winning and efficient football with QBs like Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and even Trevor Siemian taking snaps.

Zach Wilson could be another example of that, and I do think Sean Payton could get something out of Wilson. He was a second overall pick for a reason and does truly share a lot of similarities with Aaron Rodgers as a pure passer. And heck, if Zach Wilson settles in as the QB2 in Denver, what's the harm in that?