3 insane trades that would shake-up the NFL in 2024 and beyond

Could these insane trades come true?

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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3 insane trades that would shake-up the NFL in 2024 and beyond


I just don't think this is what Davante Adams has signed up for when he was shipped from the Green Bay Packers to the Las Vegas Raiders a couple of years ago. His best buddy, Derek Carr, isn't even on the team anymore, and Adams' production dipped a bit in 2023. He turns 32 at the end of the 2024 NFL Season but clearly still has something left in the tank.

He caught passes from current New York Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers from 2014-2021. During that time, he hauled in 669 receptions for 8,121 yards and 73 touchdowns. In five separate seasons in Green Baty, he caught double-digit TD passes, which is just insane production. Well, with the Raiders in a new regime and surely planning on resetting at QB, their better long-term plan than keeping Adams would be shipping him to an interested team.

With Rodgers having a bit of a stranglehold on the Jets franchise, being sent to NY makes some sense. A post-June 1st trade would give the Raiders over $17 million in cap savings, so it'd be a financial move that made sense. For the Jets, they are searching for a second option at WR beyond Garrett Wilson, and while Adams wouldn't likely be there for more than a couple of years, he'd give the offense a new wrinkle, and his chemistry with Rodgers and OC Nathaniel Hackett is obvious.