3 Kyle Pitts trade destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

What teams should trade for Kyle Pitts at the NFL trade deadline?

Kyle Pitts, NFL trade deadline
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A lot of deals are already going down ahead of the 2023 NFL trade deadline. Although the NFL's trade deadline is typically a bit anticlimactic given all of the rumors that get floated around, there are definitely trades that will go down over the next three weeks, they just might be more spread out than just a bunch of deals going down at the deadline. One of the top players that is seemingly on the rumor mill right now is Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts, a unique playmaker who would undoubtedly be a coveted player by a variety of teams.

Heading into Week 6 of the 2023 season, Pitts still looks like he has a role with the Falcons, but his role and usage have absolutely come into question not just this year, but dating back to last season as well. Pitts was once a top-five draft selection whose ability to play all over the offense would undoubtedly be attractive to other teams, but for whatever reason, he hasn't been able to find a consistent role in an offense that emphasizes "positionless" players.

What teams should be after Kyle Pitts? Well, any variety of them should be, but what teams might actually pull the trigger on this kind of deal?

3 teams that need to trade for Kyle Pitts at 2023 NFL trade deadline

1. Dallas Cowboys

I think the Dallas Cowboys, perhaps more than any other NFL team right now, need to find a way to acquire at least one player to impact their passing game, if not multiple. If I'm the Cowboys, I might be trying to find help at both receiver and tight end.

Kyle Pitts would be a huge pickup for Dallas after Dak Prescott lost two of his biggest security blankets in consecutive offseasons in Dalton Schultz (2023) and Amari Cooper (2022). The Cowboys haven't recovered from trading Amari Cooper and Pitts is the type of player who could take on a lot more volume if asked to do so. I would love to see him in Dallas.