3 major storylines to follow during 2024 NFL Offseason

Slowly but surely, the 2024 NFL Offseason will kick up a notch and major storylines will be everywhere.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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3. Other QB movement to follow

The NFL does center around quarterbacks. Teams won't win without an elite QB, and the 2024 NFL Season will be no different. Besides following what will happen with Russell Wilson and if a team could trade up the NFL Draft board, there are other QB situations to closely follow that could shake up the league.

Will the Miami Dolphins extend Tua Tagovailoa? Will the Dallas Cowboys extend Dak Prescott? Will the Detroit Lions extend Jared Goff? What will the Pittsburgh Steelers do at QB? What about the New England Patriots and Washington Commanders; will they use their top-three selections on QBs?

Wherever you look, there is some type of QB situation to follow. Perhaps contract negotiations break down between Prescott and the Cowboys; could the two sides then seek a trade? What if the Patriots and/or Commanders decide to not use their top pick on a QB? With the insane QB movement over the last several offseasons, I think everything can still be on the table.

And teams are getting more and more aggressive in trying to improve their QB situation. There might be five truly elite QBs in the NFL. Every other NFL team that does not have an elite QB has a clear reason to pursue an upgrade. Those teams are going to make some noise this offseason.