3 NFL teams that could trade for Dak Prescott in 2024

Could Dak Prescott be on the move in 2024?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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With the Dallas Cowboys latest playoff collapse, questions about Dak Prescott's future with the team are valid. Which three teams could make a move to acquire the passer in 2024? I think at some point, the Cowboys need to make a significant change. Whether it's the quarterback, head coach, or both, it's clear that Dallas has hit a ceiling in recent years.

I think it's TV host Colin Cowherd who once called Prescott "Kirk Cousins with better PR." And frankly, he may not be far off. Dak Prescott has continually put up very efficient regular season statistics, but has limited playoff success to show for it. And with the QB entering the final year of his deal in 2024, could the Dallas Cowboys make a bold move and try to upgrade from Prescott?

They could get a decent haul for the passer if they were to move him. Let's look at three teams that could make sense for Prescott.

3 NFL teams that could trade for Dak Prescott in 2024
1. Denver Broncos

Way back in 2018, Sean Payton said this about Dak Prescott:

"“I think he is [an] exceptional leader. You just watch his presence and when he came into this league. I think he is strong in the pocket and he is a guy who can come out of trouble if you will. He can come off of sacks, out of tackles, extend plays. I think he has a real good presence in the pocket. He can beat you with his arm and he can beat you with his feet. He is a winner and those are the things that you see him doing the last three weeks now. They (Cowboys) kind of have things going.”"

Sean Payton

Well, it's clear that Russell Wilson does not fit in Sean Payton's offense, and Prescott would definitely be a better fit, as Prescott is very much a structure quarterback who plays within the offense. I understand that the contract situations for both Wilson and Prescott would be quite hard to figure out, but heck, if Payton is sold on wanting Prescott on his team, and the Cowboys could make it happen, then why not?

The Denver broncos would finally get some long-term stability at the position, and maybe a change of scenery would help Prescott make some progress in the playoffs.