Could latest Cowboys playoff collapse pave way for Bill Belichick in Dallas?

Could this wild scenario happen?
New England Patriots Press Conference
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For the third year in a row under Mike McCarthy, the Dallas Cowboys won 12 games in the regular season and faltered in the postseason. Could this pave the way for Bill Belichick to coach the team in 2024? It's clear that something needs to change if the Cowboys want to get back to winning Super Bowls. They certainly have the roster for it.

In what was the best version of the Cowboys we've seen in years, they again blew it in the postseason. During the 2023 NFL regular season, they clinched the NFC East division title, a No. 2 seed, and a home playoff game. They met the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round, and in typical Cowboys' fashion, they blew it.

The youngest offense in the NFL had their way with the Dallas defense, which always seems to fold under pressure in the big games. Well, another year led to more of the same for head coach Mike McCarthy. He has surely mastered the art of winning a ton of regular season games, but has just one win in the postseason to show for.

And with recent reports of a "mystery NFC team" potentially parting ways with their head coach, the Cowboys loss on Sunday led many people to think that Jerry Jones could make a change at HC. Well, the New England Patriots recently parted ways with long-time head coach Bill Belichick after 24 years.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Here is a nice thread from Gary Hyers, a Hall of Fame voter about this situation:

Belichick is also dangerously close to the all-time NFL wins record, so he surely wants to hit that mark, and he surely does not want to go to a team that needs a bit of work. Even though the Dallas Cowboys have a good bit of free agents in 2024, they would easily have the best head coach opening, and Belichick would also not demand roster authority like he had in New England, in my opinion.

The Cowboys have clearly hit a ceiling with Mike McCarthy, and even though they have won a ton of games under McCarthy's tenure, they just do not show up in the postseason. Teams don't win the Super Bowl unless they take huge risks. That's just a fact, and for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, the huge risk might be trying to grab Bill Belichick