3 NFL teams that look like playoff pretenders in 2023

Which NFL teams look like playoff pretenders in 2023?
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With three games left in the 2023 NFL regular season, we can tell whether or not certain teams could be true playoff contenders or pretenders. And unfortunately, for some teams right now, the writing is on the wall. With 14 games already in the books, we know what a lot of these teams are. Of course, we all know anything can happen in the playoffs, but when it comes to certain teams being viable candidates to go to the Super Bowl...

Well, let's just say you don't want your team to wind up on a list like this. Let's take a look at three NFL teams currently slated to make the playoffs that look like pretenders.

1. Minnesota Vikings

I hate to say it, Vikings fans, but even if this team somehow sneaks into the back door of the playoffs, it will be fool's gold. The Vikings are a pretender for one simple reason -- they don't have the quarterback play to be competent in real playoff games.

Now, anyone can win a game any given Sunday. We've seen that proven over the years. But this Vikings team has suffered too many injuries to be able to make any noise in the playoffs. If they sneak in as the 7th seed, you don't think the Cowboys or Eagles will be looking at that matchup and licking their chops?

Imagine Dallas, Philadelphia, or even San Francisco taking on Nick Mullens in the first round of the playoffs. The NFL has to be hoping the Seattle Seahawks -- or someone else -- can take the Vikings' spot in the postseason mix before the season is done.