3 NFL teams who need to sign Kirk Cousins in 2024 NFL Offseason

A few NFL teams desperately need to sign Kirk Cousins in the 2024 NFL Offseason
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3. Denver Broncos

One thing that I have repeatedly seen from Broncos fans is this; "We shouldn't sign Kirk Cousins, we should draft a QB instead!" Why not both? Why would signing Kirk Cousins take the Broncos out of taking a QB in 2024? Cousins might be the perfect player, and he'd fit Sean Payton's offense like a glove.

Cousins is not an out-of-structure QB like Russell Wilson is, and that's why Wilson was benched. Sure, he put up decent stats, but much of it was empty calories. For years, the Broncos have tried and failed to get the QB situation right. They tried several team's cast-off players, only for them to not work out.

At some point, the Broncos are going to need to take a stab at a QB of their own, but that QB would benefit from being in a room with a quality passer. Cousins has proven to be a passer that teams can win with. Sean Payton is a very good coach and might coach this Broncos' team to their first winning season since 2016, and he'll do that with average QB play at best.

Not only could the Broncos win with Kirk Cousins, they could make the playoffs with him, and that'd be a great situation for a young QB to step into. Denver gets a veteran QB who fits their offense like a glove, and they also get a young QB coming into a strong situation. The Broncos also have multiple avenues to create cap space in 2024, so I don't think money would be an issue, even when they cut Russell Wilson.