3 players with everything to lose in the 2024 NFL Season

These players truly have everything to lose in the 2024 NFL Season.
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
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Bryce Young, QB, Carolina Panthers

A second-year quarterback with everything to lose in the 2024 NFL Season? Yes, indeed. Bryce Young did not play well in 2023, his rookie season, but it really was not his fault, as the personnel and coaching on offense for the Carolina Panthers was disastrously bad. Frank Reich ended up being the wrong hire to say the least, so some may think that 2024 is effectively Young's rookie season, which I can get on board with.

With a new GM in Dan Morgan and a new head coach in Dave Canales, the Panthers don't really have any commitment to Bryce Young beyond the 2024 NFL Season, and why should they? Canales may have a specific QB in mind that he'd ideally like to work with, and if the Panthers have another brutal season and are picking in the top-3 of the 2025 NFL Draft, why would the Panthers not take a QB?

Young now has a competent group of players around him on offense, including several additions along the offensive line, at wide receiver, and at running back. There really aren't any excuses for Bryce Young in 2024, and his size will always be a concern.

If the Carolina Panthers were to have another tough season, Bryce Young could end up being replaced by another rookie quarterback.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Houston Texans

Stefon Diggs enjoyed four great years with the Buffalo Bills, but was shockingly traded to the Houston Texans. This is the second time in his NFL career that he has been traded, and both seem to be for the same reason. There have been some concerns about Diggs as a teammate, even some people attaching the "drama queen" label to the WR.

Now on the Texans, and now set to play in his age-31 season, Diggs may have one last shot to cash in on a contract, as he will be a free agent in 2025. If Diggs plays well, the Texans may bring him back on a short-term deal. If Diggs struggles to carve out a role alongside Nico Collins and Tank Dell in Houston, his value might take a huge dip.

In fact, Diggs was truly the go-to guy in Buffalo for years, but the Texans have two younger and more explosive players in Collins and Dell who may be the first choice of QB CJ Stroud in the passing game. Another thing to factor here is how well Stefon Diggs could handle potentially being a third option?

He's got six-straight 1,000 yard seasons and has caught no less than six touchdowns a season during that stretch. He's also just five yards away from 10,000 for his career and three touchdowns away from 70. Stefon Diggs could hit some major milestones in 2024, but there is also a huge "what if" scenario as well.