3 positions already looking very deep in the 2025 NFL Draft

Let's continue to look way ahead to the 2025 NFL Draft!
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The 2025 NFL Draft is almost a year away, but we continue our dive into it by looking at three positions that could be quite loaded. The 2024 NFL Draftees haven't even played any regular season games. However, 2025 mock drafts and other content are abundant. In today's NFL, the aggression has increased as teams look to build the best possible roster.

The tried and true way to build a successful long-term team is to build and win through the NFL Draft. That means hitting on positions like quarterback, wide receiver, pass rusher, and tackle. Which positions look to be extremely deep in the 2025 NFL Draft?

3 positions already looking very deep in the 2025 NFL Draft
Wide Receiver

Yeah, there could be another huge wide receiver class coming in the 2025 NFL Draft, which should be music to the ears' of every team in the NFL. This league is very firmly an offensive-first league now, so quarterbacks and wide receivers are becoming all the rage.

Well, the 2025 NFL Draft could feature a ton of first-round caliber WRs in Luther Burden from Missouri, Tetairoa McMillan from Arizona, Emeka Egbuka from Ohio State, Even Stewart from Texas A&M, Tre Harris from Ole Miss, Isaiah Bond from Alabama, and Tez Johnson from Oregon.

All of these players are currently ranked inside PFF's top 50 prospects in their 2025 NFL Draft big-board, so it's shaping up to be another deep class.

Offensive Tackle

Need a new offensive tackle? Well, you could be in luck! The coming NFL Draft might feature several truly elite prospects at OT. The consensus top-two players seem to be Will Campbell from LSU and Kelvin Banks Jr from Texas. But other players like Jonah Savaiinaea from Arizona, Emery Jones from LSU, and Ajani Cornelius from Oregon all around out the tackles in PFF's top 50 rankings.

We did see a huge run on offensive tackles at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft. That could again continue in 2025.


And yet again, the 2025 NFL Draft could be strong at EDGE. Man, this is awesome for the future of the NFL. James Pearce Jr of Tennessee is currently ranked as the No. 1 prospect on PFF's 2025 big board.

Other EDGE rushers appearing in their top 50 include Nic Scourton of Purdue, Jack Sawyer of Ohio State, JT Tuimoloau of Ohio STate, Ashton Gillotte of Louisville, Pricely Umanmielen of Florda, Landon Jackson of Arkansas, and Kaimon Rucker of North Carolina.