3 quarterbacks who need a fresh start in 2024 NFL Season

Some notable QBs in the NFL need a fresh start in 2024...
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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There are many quarterbacks across the NFL in 2023 who may just need a fresh start with a new team in 2024. Let's cover three of them. There are so many teams across the NFL that are going to try and improve their QB situation in 2024, as there might not be more than 10 legitimate franchise QBs in the NFL.

In today's NFL, not having a franchise QB is a recipe for losing, and given how aggressive teams have gotten over the years in attempting to fill this hole, we will surely see that aggression keep up in 2024 and beyond. I think three QBs in particular could have franchise potential, but may just need a fresh start in 2024 with another team.

Let's cover those three players.

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields might not survive the Caleb Williams hype

Justin Fields has largely been a below-average QB during his three-year NFL career, but he has shown some flashes from time to time, especially with his legs. Currently, the Bears are picking #1 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft; they own the Carolina Panthers first-round pick.

And it doesn't look like Carolina is going to win many more games this year, so the Bears might be solidified with that pick. USC quarterback Caleb Williams is probably going to declare for the NFL Draft, and I just cannot see a scenario where the Bears pick Fields over Williams. I think the best course of action is for Fields to be traded to a team where offense isn't that hard to come by like it has been in Chicago for years.

A team that does make a ton of sense is the Atlanta Falcons, who boast a run-first offense and a very good run-blocking offensive line. That could be a perfect fit for Justin Fields.