3 reasons Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields in 2024

Are there reasons to keep Justin Fields for the Chicago Bears?
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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There is already much debate about whether or not the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields in 2024 and build around him. Here are three reasons why they should. I personally do not agree with the idea that the Bears should build around Fields, but it;s a possibility until it isn't. He's played three years in the NFL and has shown virtually nothing to indicate he can be a franchise passer.

There are inconsistent flashes from time to time, but his total body of work is pretty uninspiring. However, Chicago has two picks in the top-10 of the 2024 NFL Draft, and could even end up with three first-round picks this year if they were to trade down from that No. 1 spot with the intention of building around Justin Fields.

Let's cover three reasons why the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields in 2024.

3 reasons Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields in 2024
1. Potential haul for No. 1 pick might be too good to pass up

The first reason why the Bears should keep Fields kind of has nothing to do with the QB. Bears' GM Ryan Poles also owned the first overall pick last year and decided to trade down with the Carolina Panthers. Well, the Panthers were the worst team in football this year, so Chicago again owns the top pick.

Poles might envision a scenario where a potential haul for the No. 1 pick simply might be too good to pass up; it will likely involve a plethora of draft picks and perhaps a player. It could be similar to what they got for the No. 1 pick last year. Getting all of that potential talent, coupled with the Bears' cap space in 2024 might be too good for Ryan Poles to say no to.

2. Keep the continuity with Justin Fields and the offense in tact

The Bears did end the season on a bit of a hot streak. That was mostly due to the defensive turnaround which was sparked by trading for Montez Sweat. However, there is no denying the connection that Fields had with his new WR1, DJ Moore, and I'm sure his fellow offensive teammates think highly of him.

Fields is explosive with his legs and is just barely serviceable as a passer, and maybe that is enough for Ryan Poles to give him a fourth season to establish himself as the guy in Chicago Fields is also what a lot of teams desire in an NFL QB. He's a dual-threat passer, which is becoming more and more valued among NFL front offices.

3. Unknown with a rookie QB might be too risky

So as of now, USC quarterback Caleb Williams has not officially declared for the 2024 NFL Draft, but I do think it's likely that he does. Williams is largely viewed as a generational passer that could end up being the next elite franchise QB. He's got virtually no holes in his game and is a wizard in the pocket. However, even with Williams being an elite prospect, and the Bears having a shot to draft him, that does not mean he wouldn't come with unknowns.

Every single draft pick in the history of the NFL is a huge gamble, no matter where they are taken. And while Williams might be the best QB in the NFL the second he steps on the field, there's also a chance that his skillset does not translate into the pros. That potential risk could cost Ryan Poles his job, so he might prefer to continue with what is known with Justin Fields.