3 reasons the Steelers should be at the top of Russell Wilson's list

Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers
Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Playing for Eric Bieniemy

This is more speculation than a reason, a prediction that Eric Bieniemy will be the OC for the Steelers in 2024. Yes, I know he’s not a free agent yet, but he likely will be. The Washington Commanders could shock the NFL world and make him their head coach, but that isn't likely. When Eric Bieniemy does become a free agent, expect the Steelers to come knocking at his door. Mike Tomlin was vocal about Eric Bieniemy's lack of traction as a head coaching candidate.

Given his lack of success with the Commanders, he'll need to press the restart button. Tomlin gave the ostracized former head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Brian Flores, a place to call home before he became the DC for the Vikings. So, it's not difficult to imagine he'd extend a hand to Bieniemy, who could help the Steelers' offense in a major way. There's no reason Bieniemy would say no.


As for Russell Wilson, he'd have a genius offensive coordinator with a winning pedigree along with the offensive weapons at his disposal. Wilson would hit the ground running if he chooses to call the Steel City home. It's easy to argue against the idea that Wilson doesn't want to be coached hard, however, we haven't heard a single complaint coming out of his camp when Sean Payton changed everything in Denver. The Steelers are all about winning, and Wilson's legacy is on the line. He'd be wise to make Pittsburgh his new home.

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