3 reasons why Chicago Bears should move on from Justin Fields in 2024

The Chicago Bears cannot keep Justin Fields beyond this year.

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The Chicago Bears should move on from Justin Fields at the end of the 2023 NFL Season and reset their QB situation with a better passer. Honestly, I do not see an argument for keeping Justin Fields besides the fanbase seeming to want it. Yes, the Bears have turned their season around, but the verdict on Justin Fields has not changed.

He's in his third year in the NFL and there is still no indication that he is a franchise QB. How many other QBs in the history of the NFL have gotten this long to prove that they are a franchise passer? And there are people calling for the Bears to bring him back in 2024, which is just mind-boggling.

I would understand that if Chicago did not have the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they do, and they need to use it on a QB.

3 reasons why Chicago Bears should move on from Justin Fields in 2024
1. The Bears can reset with a rookie QB contract

One of the biggest advantages in all of sports is having a good QB on a rookie contract, because that gives the team years of cap relief since they don't usually feel the impact of a top QB contract until years into their career. Well, the Bears will have to make a decision on Justin Fields' fifth-year option at the end of the season, which means their financial commitment to Fields will increase in the coming seasons.

The Bears will already have a ton of cap space in 2024, and they could earn a little bit more and reset their QB contract situation by trading Fields and starting fresh at the position. At this point, GM Ryan Poles has really built up a solid roster, and he could truly take advantage of that with a fresh QB contract situation to work with.

Just look at the model that the Houston Texans are following. They are going to be very, very good in 2024 and part of that is because they'll have a metric-ton of cap space to finish out their roster since they will not have to pay CJ Stroud for years.