3 reasons why the Chiefs can three-peat as Super Bowl champions in 2024 season

Can the Chiefs be the first team in NFL history to three-peat as Super Bowl champions?
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Play-makers on offense could be significantly better

Notably, the Chiefs added Xavier Worthy in the 2024 NFL Draft and Marquise Brown in free agency. Those two paired up with Rashee Rice could make for a lethal WR trio. Now yes, Rice could end up serving a lengthy suspension in 2024 due to his off-field shenanigans this offseason, but even if he is suspended, having Worthy and Brown in the picture is a lot better than what the Chiefs were working with this offseason.

Adding more talent to the WR position also opens up the possibility that players like Mecole Hardman and Kadarius Toney could carve out more efficient roles. KC also added Irv Smith Jr at tight end in free agency and took the insanely athletic Jared Wiley from TCU, so there could also be more contributors at TE for this team in 2024.

The play-makers on paper don't appear to be a top group now, but in short time, they very well could be.

There might be only one team who could stop them

Currently, the only team in the NFL who has been able to stop the Kansas City Chiefs in the postseason has been the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2018, KC lost in the AFC Championship Game to the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots.

In 2020, they lost the Super Bowl to the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and in 2021, they lost the AFCCG again, but this time to Joe Burrow and the Bengals. So right now, there truly is only one team who has proven to be able to stop the Chiefs. And with Joe Burrow quietly never having played a full season in the NFL, no one knows for sure if Burrow will even be able to stay healthy.

I would guess that Burrow is able to play a full slate this year, as I just think that the two season-ending injuries he's suffered has forced him to simply make a change. I'm no professional, but my hunch just does not think Burrow misses time this year.

If not, Burrow is the only human being who can go toe-to-toe with Mahomes until proven otherwise. Now yes, I am personally predicting that the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl this year, but the Chiefs still have to be considered the favorites.