3 sleeper teams for the 2024 NFL Season that no one is talking about

These three sleeper teams are not getting enough attention!
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

There are always some sleeper teams in the NFL every year, and these three could fit that bill for the 2024 season. In 2023, the Houston Texans were the obvious breakout team, winning 10 games and a playoff game. And in 2022, the New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars both fit this category as well.

In 2024, who could the breakout team be? Could there be more than one? Well, let's look at three sleeper teams for the 2024 NFL Season that no one is talking about.

3 sleeper teams for the 2024 NFL Season that no one is talking about
Arizona Cardinals

Are we forgetting just how good Kyler Murray is? He has not been his self over the last two seasons, and poor coaching plus returning from a major ACL injury are reasons why. With Murray, the Cardinals have one of the best dual-threat QBs in the NFL, and it's clear that this team is on the right track.

They won four games in 2023, but were a frisky four-win team, if that makes sense. They held their own for most of the season and really maxed out their potential with this roster. General Manager Monti Ossenfort has again had another strong offseason, and while the Cardinals won't make the playoffs in 2024, they can surely double their win total and remain in the Wild Card hunt.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos won eight games in 2023 and upgraded at several positions. What am I missing here? People want to bash the team for taking Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but he fits the offense much better than Russell Wilson did.

Denver could be the 2023 version of the Houston Texans - a team that no one is suspecting to be good is all of a sudden a competent team. Mind you, a future Hall of Fame head coach in Sean Payton is running the show, so they've got the coach down.

The Broncos might not be able to make the playoffs in the loaded AFC, but it's a very real possibility that the team can break their losing streak and finish with a winning record for the first time since 2016.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts won nine games in 2023 with a backup QB in Gardner Minshew playing most of the snaps. If second-year QB Anthony Richardson can make the leap, this team is going to be insanely good. Their defense was a sore spot in 2023, so that was a unit of focus for Indy this offseason.

There isn't a lot to dislike about this roster, but obviously, their success will hinge on Richardson. This could be a dark-horse Super Bowl team if the former Florida Gator can make the coveted second-year jump. He's got everything you want in a franchise quarterback, so the ball is firmly in his court.