3 starting quarterback options for the New York Giants in the 2025 NFL Season

Where can the Giants look for a starting QB in 2025?
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It's abundantly clear that the New York Giants will likely be in the QB market yet again in 2025. Who could potentially start for the team? What was the plan for general manager Joe Schoen heading into the offseason?

Whatever the plan was, it was a failure, as no NFL team will ever be relevant with Daniel Jones and Drew Lock as the top two quarterbacks. The team simply needs a long-term starter, and they did pass up on all of JJ McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr, and Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft.

It was a masterclass on how to not build a team by Schoen and his front office. Well, the Giants could be huge players for a new quarterback in 2025. Who could that be, though?

3 starting quarterback options for the New York Giants in the 2025 NFL Season
Dak Prescott, 2025 free agent

This could be the juiciest option of all and the main story of the 2025 NFL free agency frenzy. Dak Prescott, as of now, is slated to be a free agent in 2025. It's not clear if the Dallas Cowboys are actively trying to get a deal done, but at the moment, Prescott does not have one.

Boasting a 99 career passer rating, Dak Prescott wins and plays well in the regular season, but a 2-5 playoff record is less than ideal. The New York Giants would clearly be getting a huge upgrade at the position, but the postseason could be a different story.

Carson Beck, 2025 NFL Draft

Carson Beck could end up being the consensus QB1 in the 2025 NFL Draft cycle. And given how bad the New York Giants could be in 2024, they might be in prime position to "earn" the No. 1 overall pick, which could easily be for Beck. The 6'4", 215lb QB of the Georgia Bulldogs does quite a bit of things well and could have a nice skillset that translates into the NFL.

I would guess that GM Joe Schoen might still be employed by the Giants next offseason even with a poor year. GM's tend to have longer leashes than head coaches, so Schoen might get one last shot to bring in a viable QB, as the QB room of Daniel Jones and Drew Lock is pathetic, frankly.

Mac Jones, 2025 free agent

Mac Jones would hit the free agent market in 2025, and he's going to spend he 2024 NFL Season serving as the backup QB to Trevor Lawrence with the Jacksonville Jaguars. For Jones, he did show a good bit of promise during his 2021 rookie season, and there are valid arguments that the lack of success he showed in 2022 and 2023 was simply not all his fault.

Perhaps being in a more stable situation in 2024 can help Mac Jones reset himself and regain the confidence he had when he was a rookie. Doug Pederson is a very strong offensive mind, so it's likely that Mac Jones can finish the 2024 season as a better QB than when he began it.

For a low cost and maybe as a one-year rental, Mac Jones could make sense for the New York Giants.