3 Super Bowl 58 matchups that NFL fans would go crazy for

Would NFL fans like to see a different but fun Super Bowl 58 game?
Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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With the 14 playoff teams now set, Super Bowl 58 predictions are abundant. What three matchups would be the most desirable for NFL fans? I do think there is the possibility for some extremely fun and different Super Bowl matchups. If we're being honest, I don't think NFL fans really care to see the same teams make the Super Bowl nearly every year.

I think fans desire to see some differentiation here, and there are three Super Bowl 58 games that I think could provide NFL fans with an awesome viewing experience. What three Super Bowl matchups this season would NFL fans go crazy for?

3 Super Bowl 58 matchups that NFL fans would go crazy for
1. Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills

If you want two of the most devoted and frankly crazy fanbases in the NFL, the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills have them. Lions' fans have been extremely committed to their team through all of the horrible, losing seasons, while Bills' fans have always been some of the most boisterous fans in all of sports.

From jumping through tables to biting off kneecaps, seeing these two fanbases get to enjoy a Super Bowl would be great. And I think other NFL fans would love to see this matchup. The Lions and Bills are two old-school type of franchises with exciting players on both sides of the ball, and I do think this would be a nail-biter of a game.