3 Super Bowl matchups no one wants to see in the 2024 NFL Season

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

There are a good bit of teams that could make a Super Bowl run in 2024, but these three potential games are ones that no one wants to see. It's time that the NFL gets to see a fun and different Super Bowl. My personal prediction this year is that the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans square off in Super Bowl 59.

But heck, I could be way off. Across the last half-decade or so, there have been some familiar faces playing in the Super Bowl. Would the NFL world want to see the same teams again making a Super Bowl run in 2024? I don't think so. These three Super Bowl 59 matchups are ones that no one wants to see.

3 Super Bowl matchups no one wants to see in the 2024 NFL Season
Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

These two teams just met in Super Bowl 58, and they also previously met in Super Bowl 54 just a few years ago. If the Chiefs and 49ers again met in the Super Bowl, that would make it three times over the last six seasons, which would be flat-out insane. The first two times went to the Chiefs, as 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is 0-2 in the big game.

But honestly, this is about the last possible matchup I think the NFL fanbase wants to see. The league does have a ton of parity, but no one would be shocked to see the Chiefs and 49ers meet again in the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

In what would be a rematch of Super Bowl 57, I see nothing stopping the Kansas City Chiefs from getting back to the big game. However, it might take a bit more for the Philadelphia Eagles to get back. The roster talent isn't an issue in Philly, but their coaching seemed to take a nosedive in 2023, and their coordinators during their 2022 Super Bowl run are both the head coach of other teams.

Is the new coordinators in Vic Fangio and Kellen Moore can right this ship, Philly could find themselves right back in the mix in the NFC and could again go on a Super Bowl run. But man, we just saw this game, and I think the NFL fanbase wants to see something fresh.

New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys

Kind of an odd-ball pick, but from my viewpoint, the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys seem to be two of the most hated teams in all of sports, so I don't think certain NFL fans would know what to do with themselves if the Jets and Cowboys met in Super Bowl 59. It'd be quite the game to say the least.

The Cowboys are a corporate brand and are recognized world-wide. They also happen to have one of the more vocal owners in sports in Jerry Jones, and a QB in Dak Prescott who seems to get way too much hate. And on the other side, Aaron Rodgers and the Jets aren't exactly the most likable team ever.

Rodgers certainly has some interesting opinions that he's voiced, and his personality feels a bit too arrogant at times, so I don't believe many NFL folks are huge fans of Aaron Rodgers. This Super Bowl wouldn't be one that NFL fans would like to see.