3 teams already set up to fail in the 2024 NFL Season

These 3 teams are already set up to fail for the 2024 NFL Season.
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Antonio Pierce As Head Coach, Tom Telesco As General Manager / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

There are a few teams in the NFL that are very clearly set up to fail in the 2024 NFL Season. Which teams are destined to fail in the coming campaign? There is a clear theme present with each team that they all share, and it's not some silly coincidence. In the NFL, it's pretty obvious what and who wins games; great coaching and great QB play.

Teams can win games with just one of the two, but they won't win a lot and won win Super Bowls either. Well, the three following teams don't have at least one of these things present, and might not have either. Even though we are months away from the start of the 2024 NFL Season, these three teams are clearly set up to fail.

3 teams already set up to fail in the 2024 NFL Season
Las Vegas Raiders

What has there been to like about anything the Las Vegas Raiders have done this offseason? They prematurely hired their interim head coach, Antonio Pierce, hired a failed, re-tread general manager, overpaid for a backup QB in free agency, didn't draft a QB at all in the 2024 NFL Draft, and overdrafted a TE with their first-round pick.

It's been a terrible offseason for Las Vegas, who is now already in a bad spot. With no clear starting QB and a ton of other roster holes, it's hard to envision what the plan was from Tom Telesco, who was fired by the LA Chargers earlier this offseason. Antonio Pierce was the team's interim head coach, but he's never been a coordinator in the NFL and was just a position coach in 2023 before being named the interim HC.

New York Giants

Like the Raiders, the Giants totally missed on taking a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft. They apparently had interest in trading up for Drake Maye, but could not make the move. So instead of taking a stab at another QB since they missed on Maye, they passed on one altogether. It's just a weird, bad process from GM Joe Schoen, who inexcusably gave Daniel Jones a four-year, $160 million contract extension.

With Jones and Drew Lock as the top two players in this room, it's hard to envision the Giants being competitive in 2024. They might already be looking toward the 2025 NFL Season.

Seattle Seahawks

And like the previous two teams, the Seattle Seahawks missed out on a first-round QB, as they apparently had some interest in Michael Penix Jr. Geno Smith was a fun story for one season, but returned to his old, backup-caliber self in 2023. The Seahawks might be using the first year of the Mike Macdonald era as an evaluation year.

Which is fine, but it's clear that their long-term vision is, well, not yet in vision. Smith can at least keep the team from being a total disaster, but it's clear that the team isn't going to be that good in 2024.