3 teams that could make a major quarterback move in 2024

-Could two NFC teams make a MAJOR move for a quarterback?
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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There will surely be more than three teams that make a major quarterback move in 2024, but these three stick out to me as the most significant. In the NFL, if you don't have an elite quarterback, then you won't win much. Sure, teams can win with middle of the road type of QBs, but they are only good for so long.

There could be a ton of turnover next year as teams look to find the next elite QB. There's also current starting QBs who are slated to be free agents, and we even could see another major QB trade as well. With the NFL being a pass-first and QB-centric league, it's no surprise that teams have invested a ton of resources, both financial and draft capital-wise, in finding and paying franchise QBs.

Let's dive into three teams that could make a major QB move in 2024.

3 teams that could make a major quarterback move in 2024
1. Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings were getting elite production from Kirk Cousins this year until a ruptured Achilles ended his season in Week 8. After starting 1-4, the Vikings won three in a row to even their record and currently sit in a playoff spot in the NFC. This is a brutal blow for a team that looked to be hitting their stride.

With Cousins out for the year, turning 36 next year, and being a free agent in 2024, it's hard for me to envision the Vikings re-signing Cousins at this moment. I guess they could, but not without making a huge move to bring in a young QB to take over when Cousins eventually leaves the team.

However, the Vikings may thank Cousins for his services and not re-sign him, instead perhaps trading up in the 2024 NFL Draft to take a QB. Either way, whether Cousins is brought back or not, I think this team is in the market to make a massive quarterback move.