3 teams that could spoil Chiefs quest at a three-peat in 2024 NFL Season

Which three teams could spoil the Kansas City Chiefs quest to three-peat in 2024?
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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2. Los Angeles Chargers

In Jim Harbaugh's second year coaching in the NFL, he was in the Super Bowl. In his first year, he had led his team to the NFC Championship Game. Harbaugh's success as a head coach in the NFL and in college is evident. Wherever he goes, he sees immediate success. So, why should we think any differently with the Los Angeles Chargers?

The Chargers have a franchise QB in Justin Herbert and solid foundational pieces here and there. LA has some work to do with their salary cap, but I think we'll see a very well-coached team in 2024, and a team that is more-so led by their coaching as opposed to their roster talent. Plus, Harbaugh is 60 years old, so he also might not want to coach in the NFL for very long.

It surely is a tiring gig to have, so perhaps Harbaugh desires to hang it up in 5-7 years. That might not be the case, but it could certainly be a factor. The Chargers might end up being an aggressive team in terms of roster building during the Harbaugh era because of that.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles went toe-to-toe with the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2022 in the Super Bowl. Like usual, the Chiefs faced a situation where they had to come from behind to win, and Jalen Hurts actually did out-duel Mahomes in the game. Well, the Eagles 2023 season was a disaster for the most part, and they ended up bringing in brand new faces at offensive and defensive coordinator because of it.

Kellen Moore and Vic Fangio hope to get the Eagles back on track, and I do think both coaches are very good at their jobs, and with the talent level of the Eagles roster and the elite mind of GM Howie Roseman, it's not insane to think that Philly can get back to the Super Bowl in 2024. And who knows, maybe they could get the best of the Chiefs if the two were to meet in Super Bowl 59.