3 teams who desperately need to "tank" for USC QB Caleb Williams

These three NFL teams desperately need to "tank" for USC QB Caleb Williams
USC v Colorado
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2. Las Vegas Raiders

I think Las Vegas Raiders are cursed, honestly. They are 1-3 and look horrible. Jimmy Garoppolo is already hurt and Josh McDaniels has never shown anything to indicate he's a head coach in the NFL. The whole operation really needs blown up and rebuilt from the studs. Well, doing something with Garoppolo and perhaps embracing the rookie Aidan O'Connell at the QB spot would give them a nice shot at the #1 overall pick in 2024.

Caleb Williams would surely be a much better QB than anything the franchise has had. Derek Carr was in town for a while, and I do think he's a fine passer, but he's average at best and is obviously nothing like Williams, who has already drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes. The the current coaching staff and front office set-up are likely on thin ice, so another few losses could signal that the franchise is ready to move on from this failed era.

3. Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are in no-man's land, I think. They seem just barely good enough to win six or seven games in 2023. They also are clearly not a team that seems good enough to make the playoffs. It's that weird middle ground that no NFL team wants to be in. I think NFL teams should either be truly built to contend or should be embracing a rebuild.

Falling in between that gives the franchise no direction, in my opinion. Well, I think it'd be wise for the Vikings to embrace the rebuild. They should shop some veteran players like Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter, and should "embrace the tank."

They should pay Justin Jefferson whatever he wants and should gear towards the 2024 NFL Draft, where reinforcements would be needed at QB and along the offensive line. The team's defense is probably in good hands with Brian Flores, the first-year Minnesota DC, but it's the long-term viability of their offense that might need some attention.