3 trades the Cowboys must make to go all-in for 2024 season

Has anyone told the Dallas Cowboys that free agency has started?
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The Dallas Cowboys have done virtually nothing in free agency thus far, but a few trades could put this team in a strong position for 2024. Well, it's hard to take Jerry Jones seriously when he say his team will go "all in" for 2024 all while doing virtually nothing in free agency

The Cowboys have not gotten appreciably better since the offseason began, and you have to wonder what they are doing at this moment. Well, there are still some halfway decent free agents left on the market, and beyond that, the team could also make a trade here and there if they wanted. In fact, these three trades would truly signal the team going all in for 2024.

3 trades the Cowboys must make to go all-in for 2024 season
1. Cowboys must trade for LT Garett Bolles

Right now, according to ESPN, the Cowboys starter at left tackle is Tyler Smith, which could be just fine. Smith is very good. However, their left guard and center starters are two players named TJ Bass and Brock Hoffman. If you're left saying "who?" then you aren't alone. I think a nice short-term solution would be to call up the rebuilding Denver Broncos and offer to take stud LT Garett Bolles of their hands.

This would allow the LT position to get solidified and would push Tyler Smith back along the offensive interior, knocking out two birds with one stone. This would only leave the center position as a shaky one, and the Cowboys could send a mid-round pick over for Bolles, who is set to enter the last year of his deal.