3 uncomfortable conversations we might need to have after the 2024 NFL Season

It might be time for some tough conversations after the 2024 NFL Season.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Season is slowly but surely approaching, and after it's over, we may need to have some uncomfortable conversations. There are already uncomfortable conversations to be had right now, but the 2024 NFL Season could bring a whole new year of stories.

QBs breaking out, or QBs regressing. Teams regressing, teams breaking out, and everything in between; I think you get the point here. In less than three months, the 2024 regular season will be here, and the preseason starts in the very near future, so football is right around the corner.

Let's look at three uncomfortable conversations that might need to be had after the 2024 NFL Season.

3 uncomfortable conversations we might need to have after the 2024 NFL Season
Is Josh Allen... overrated?

You just have to wonder if the QB of the Buffalo Bills is overrated. He's got a huge challenge in 2024, as his two best and most reliable WRs in Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis are gone, so he'll be throwing to a ton of new faces. Josh Allen has struggled with turnovers ever since he's been in the NFL. It's just a simple fact, but yes, he's also been responsible for a ton of touchdowns as well.

Throwing 18 interceptions in 2023 was just not acceptable, and Allen's wrecklessness can sometimes have a huge impact on the games. Allen and the Bills have also continually been embarassed in the postseason. It's not that they have always gotten blown out, but they tend to lose in some interesting ways.

At some point, if this stuff keeps happening, how could we not have this conversation? Many have placed Allen as the second-best QB in the NFL behind Patrick Mahomes, but there is nothing to stand on that argument.

Will Joe Burrow last in the NFL?

Through four years in the NFL, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has never played a full season. Never. Now yes, he's been inactive during games where the Bengals have already clinched a playoff seed, but he's never suited up for all 16 or all 17 games, and he's suffered two season-ending injuries.

This latest one was a major injury to his throwing wrist, so this deserves a ton of attention until the injury is behind him. However, it's worth wondering if Burrow is going to last for the long-term in the NFL, and if 2024 is similar to how his 2020 and 2023 seasons ended, the Bengals and Burrow could be in deep trouble.

He's been sacked 148 times in 52 career regular season games, so he's already taken a huge beating. Patrick Mahomes has been sacked 148 times as well, but in 96 regular season games. It's a sad scenario that could end up coming true for Joe Burrow and the Bengals, as Burrow's ceiling is clearly extremely high, and he's the only QB that has been able to consistent go toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes.

Are the Denver Broncos back?

The Denver Broncos seem to be an unlikable team, and perhaps head coach Sean Payton is a huge reason for that. Payton is an old-school coach from the Bill Parcells tree, and did make two unpopular moves in 2023 when be benched Russell Wilson and also cut him following the season. Payton is more of a rugged coach, but has a proven track record, so what he does works.

The Broncos also took Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which seemed to be another unpopular and maybe even an arrogant move by Payton and the Denver Broncos. Considering Bo Nix could be a seamless fit into the offense in Denver, having immediate success should not be out of the question, and this Broncos team did win eight games in 2023.

They fielded a bottom-10 QB and a historically bad defense at times, started 1-5, and still scraped together eight wins. The Denver Broncos flirting with 10 wins in 2024 is not at all unrealistic.