3 way too early teams who could draft a QB in the 2025 NFL Draft

Could these three teams already be set to take a QB in the 2025 NFL Draft?
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Let's get way ahead of ourselves and take a look at three way too early teams who could target a QB high in the 2025 NFL Draft. Are we really doing this? Yes, we are. And don't blame me, there are already a ton of 2025 NFL Mock Drafts out there, so I am just following the crowd. There were some teams who appeared to be in the QB market during this year's NFL Draft that did not get one.

There were six passers take within the first 12 picks, which is just a number that we might not see ever again. The 2025 QB class, at this moment, doesn't seem to be that great, but that might not stop teams from taking a swing on a QB in the first round. Could these three teams be the most likely?

3 way too early teams who could draft a QB in the 2025 NFL Draft
1. New York Giants

You just have to wonder what the process was for the New York Giants. Rumors are that they tried to trade into the third spot with the New England Patriots to take Drake Maye, but that did not happen. Instead of taking a swing on another QB, they decided to take WR Malik Nabers with their sixth overall pick and did not take any player in the trenches during their draft.

Just overall, a pretty poor process from GM Joe Schoen, and now he's got to live with the Daniel Jones - Drew Lock QB room for 2024, which taketh away more than they giveth. It's set to be another brutal year for the Giants who could be in a position to take a first-round QB in 2025.

2. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders overpaid for QB Gardner Minshew in free agency, and now it looks like he'll be their starter for the 2024 season. Perhaps the plan was, all along, to get by with marginal QB play in 2024 and try to make a splash move for someone in 2025. Well, the Raiders ended up being on the outside looking in with their QB desires, if those desires were true. They saw their likely top two targets, Jayden Daniels and Michael Penix Jr, way gone by the time their pick was on the clock.

Now with no clear direction and no franchise QB in the building, the Raiders might be in line for a top-five selection and a shot at a QB in the 2025 NFL Draft.

3. Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith is going to be the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback for at least one more season, but beyond that is anyone's guess. In their first year with Mike Macdonald as the HC, the Seahawks might be approaching this year as more of an evaluation one more than anything. Maybe they want to get a good read on players they can keep around for the long-term.

And perhaps in 2025, after they figure out what they want in 2024, they can turn their attention to bringing in a young QB who has a shot at being the long-term answer. I don't envision the Seahawks being very good in 2024, and it all boils down to the QB. Geno Smith was not able to replicate his shocking breakout year in 2022.

And it's now impacted the Seahawks as they could look to turn the page on Smith next offseason.