4 NFL teams that will make the playoffs in 2024 after missing in 2023

These teams are going to be back in the NFL playoffs in 2024.
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One of the primary reasons every NFL fan base has hope around this time of year is because there is such parity in the league. Every year, there's at least one NFL team that goes from worst to first in their division. Every year, there are at least a handful of teams that get replaced in the NFL playoffs.

Will it be your team in 2024?

A minimum of four new teams will be in the playoffs this coming season. You can just about take it to the bank at this point, and it's likely there will be even more than that. There are seven playoff spots in each conference and plenty of spots up for grabs.

Which teams are going to make the playoffs in 2024 after missing out in 2023? Let's take a look at the top four options.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are not only likely to make the playoffs in 2024, but they've got to be considered one of the prime options for the "worst to first" team. In all honesty, the Bengals are the low-hanging fruit. It seems extremely unlikely that all three teams in their division that finished ahead of them last year (Ravens, Browns, Steelers) are going to win 10-plus games again in 2024.

It also feels unlikely that the Bengals will be missing Joe Burrow all year long again, but you never know in today's NFL.

This Cincinnati roster is still obviously very good. They won nine games last year despite missing Burrow and having to rely on Jake Browning for a significant stretch of time. Bengals fans should rest easy knowing their team is one of the most likely to return to the postseason in 2024.