5 most disappointing NFL teams in the 2023 season

These NFL teams let us down in 2023

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4. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had a heck of a 2023 regular season, winning 12 games and looking like one of the most dominant teams in the league at certain points. Wins late in the season against the Eagles, Seahawks, and Lions had even the greatest skeptics of the Cowboys wondering if things would be different this season.

But we should have suspected something when the Cowboys were blown out by the 49ers, blown out by the Buffalo Bills, and beaten by the Miami Dolphins that something was amiss with this team.

Dallas wasn't disappointing in terms of their overall 2023 regular season, but absolutely one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL when it comes to their complete and utter failure in the playoff matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

We've all seen the memes. The Packers now have more playoff wins (3) at AT&T Stadium than the Cowboys do (2). Dallas didn't just lose a home playoff game, though. They got dog-walked on their own home field. It was awful. The Packers came in and just crushed the Cowboys, raising some major questions about the future of that organization.

The Cowboys' consistent failure in the playoffs provides plenty of overarching disappointment, but knowing that the clock is ticking on the current core the Cowboys have? It makes it that much worse. The Cowboys are -- to this point -- the highest level of failure this NFL season. There's no reason this team should have been eliminated on Wild Card weekend, yet here we are.