5 NFL quarterbacks searching for job security in Week 6

Has Daniel Jones earned his contract extension? Will Zac Jones earn a solid role with the New York Jets?
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Quarterback Under Pressure #4: Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields

A 40-20 primetime victory did not take Matt Eberflus out of the hot seat. Chicago's road win was impressive, but it's only the first victory of the campaign. The Bears need similar results in their Week 6 match-up against the Minnesota Vikings. Defeating divisional opponents will help Eberflus' group in the standings. They are third in the NFC North with plenty of room for improvement. Justin Fields will be under a microscope, especially after Thursday night's performance.

Becoming a starting quarterback is not easy. Fields experienced this firsthand. The former first-round pick became the newest member of the Bears in 2021. He's struggled to find success since. A stout career at the University of Ohio did not translate to the professional gridiron. Fields experienced multiple coaches, teammates, and schemes within three years. It's an unfavorable position for most athletes, but he's remained determined.

In Week 5, Fields recorded 282 passing yards and threw four touchdowns. It's been the highlight of his season thus far. Securing a win against a divisional opponent will help Chicago build momentum. They can beat the Minnesota Vikings, but it starts with Justin Fields.

Quarterback Under Pressure #3: Houston Texans QB C.J Stroud

Quarterbacks selected in the first round are held to high expectations. Franchises spend a lot of resources acquiring rising talent. Achieving success becomes a burden - forcing promising careers to end. C. J Stroud is one of the few quarterbacks to display veteran poise early in his career. He's led the Houston Texans to an impressive start to the campaign. A win against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday will be an additional step in the right direction. It will tie the Texans' win total from last season less than halfway through the season.

An incredible start to his professional career will encourage Houston's quarterback throughout the season. He's accomplished a lot in the initial weeks of the season. Why would the good fortune end? This season, Stroud ranks 16th in pass grading (72) and 17th in offensive ratings (75.3). He's ranked ninth in completions (114) - including seven touchdown passes (t-10). The Saints are an elite defensive unit looking to defend their stout reputation. They shut out the New England Patriots last Week and are hungry for a repeat performance.