6 NFL teams that aced the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Which teams nailed it on Thursday night?
2024 NFL Draft
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The 2024 NFL Draft has arrived, and fans are ready to see how the new picks will shape their teams. The future of these prospects is uncertain, and their success hinges on fitting into team schemes and maximizing their talents. Not every team struck gold in the first round, but some clearly excelled. The Lions nearly made the list, securing Terrion Arnold, who fills a significant gap in their secondary. In the NFC North, the Vikings secured QB JJ McCarthy without needing to trade up and also picked up edge rusher Dallas Turner at No. 17.

Meanwhile, the Rams and Dolphins both had strong first rounds, securing edge rushers, Jared Verse and Chop Robinson, respectively. The Chargers opted to protect Justin Herbert with offensive tackle Joe Alt, a solid move and predictable for Jim Harbaugh. While all these teams had good first rounds, only six teams made the list.

6. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals snagged a major win by keeping the No. 4 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, especially after the top three quarterbacks flew off the board. They landed Marvin Harrison Jr., a total game-changer at wide receiver. Standing at 6'4" and weighing 215 pounds, Harrison is the big-time target Kyler Murray has been missing. If Murray stays off the injury list, these two could light up the league as one of the top QB-WR duos. Outside of Harrison, the Cardinals' offense isn't packed with stars, so grabbing him was a smart move that could really pay off. Harrison's college stats at Ohio State already promised big things, and now it's time to see him bring that magic to the NFL.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars snagged Brian Thomas Jr. from LSU at pick 23, making a power move that’s perfect for QB Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence’s got a killer arm, especially on those long bombs down the sideline, and that's right where Thomas shines. After not having a guy who could consistently stretch the field, Thomas changes that. Standing 6'2" and packing 209 pounds, Thomas is a touchdown machine, leading the FBS with 17 TD catches last season. He’s got the skills to haul in whatever Lawrence throws outside the numbers. This pick could seriously level up the Jags' game, giving Lawrence a top-notch target that could turn into one of the NFL’s most exciting QB-WR combos.