Broncos 2024 NFL Mock Draft after quiet free agency

How will the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL Draft look after this quiet free agency period?

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The Denver Broncos didn't do much in the main waves of free agency thus far. How will their 2024 NFL Draft look at this point in time? The Minnesota Vikings also were able to recently acquire another first-round pick in 2024, so the Broncos may have to deal with that if they were hoping to trade up for a QB.

With the Vikings picking 11th overall and the Broncos picking 12th overall, a trade up for a QB might now be out of the question. Instead, the Broncos may actually be able to trade down in the 2024 NFL Draft and target someone like Bo Nix from Oregon, who fits Sean Payton's offense like a glove. Well, could this 2024 NFL Mock Draft be the path that the Denver Broncos take?

Broncos 2024 NFL Mock Draft after quiet free agency
34th Overall Pick (via NE) - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

After trading down a few times, I was able to strategically get the Denver Broncos into the top of the second round with Bo Nix still on the board, so I made that move. Nix isn't in the class with Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, or JJ McCarthy, but he's still a solid NFL prospect and someone who could start immediately for the Denver Broncos.