Broncos 2024 NFL Mock Draft after quiet free agency

How will the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL Draft look after this quiet free agency period?

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121st Overall Pick - Maason Smith, DT, LSU

Let's make connections here. The Denver Broncos current defensive line coach is Jamar Cain, who held the same role with LSU in 2022, one of the years that Maason Smith was there. The potential marriage between Smith and the Broncos makes a ton of sense, as Smith and Cain could reunite and build on their work two seasons ago in the college ranks.

136th Overall Pick - Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee

Jaylen Wright averaged over seven yards per carry in 2023 with the Tennessee Volunteers. Doing this in the SEC is quite impressive, so there is reason to believe he can be an RB1 in the NFL. Well, the Denver Broncos weren't exactly gauging people on the ground in 2023, so they have a huge need to get more consistent RB production.

145th Overall Pick - Tykee Smith, S, Georgia

The Denver Broncos moved on from Justin Simmons earlier this offseason, so continuing to add to the secondary is a wise move, and even though they signed a safety in free agency, why not take a stab at Tykee Smith from Georgia?

147th Overall Pick - Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice

Do I even need to explain why I drafted a wide receiver named McCaffrey to the Denver Broncos? No, OK, good.

2025 TB 1st
2025 TB 2nd
2025 DET 3rd
2025 KC 3rd
2025 SF 4th

And to cap off this insane 2024 NFL Mock Draft, I was also able to net the Denver Broncos five draft picks in the 2025 NFL Draft, including two picks in the first and second rounds. Heck, the Broncos need to make me the General Manager.