Can Bo Nix shock the AFC in the 2024 season and turn into the next Drew Brees?

Is this possible?
Denver Broncos OTA Offseason Workouts
Denver Broncos OTA Offseason Workouts / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Bo Nix was the Denver Broncos 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Does he have what it takes to become the next Drew Brees for Sean Payton? As you can imagine, people are rightfully wondering if Denver Broncos QB Bo Nix could be the next Drew Brees for Payton, the Broncos head coach. Payton and Brees enjoyed a ton of success togethter in New Orleans.

The 2009 season ended in a Super Bowl, but both Brees and Payton are obviously not with the Saints anymore. Well, Payton tried to make it work with Russell Wilson in 2023, and it didn't work consistently, leading to the Broncos cutting Wilson. In cutting him, they are set to take on an NFL-record $85 million in dead cap.

Is it possible that Bo Nix could be the next Drew Brees for Sean Payton? Maybe. Here's Payton talking about his rookie QB:

""Bo brings a lot of really good qualities to our team in terms of the quarterback position," Sutton said, via DNVR Sports. "He does a lot of things really, really well on the field. ... He has that leader mentality, that aura that he walks with."

"All right, we're looking for similarities. I would say mentally, [Nix] wants to know as much and as fast as he can," Payton said, via DNVR Sports. "I think there's maybe a maturity level because, again, [Nix] played 61 games [in college] and when [the Saints] got Drew, it was off of his rookie contract and coming off an injury.""

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So, there you have it. Obviously, Bo Nix has an astronomical amount to prove on the field to be considered the modern-day Drew Brees, but it's not like Payton isn't endorsing the possibility, which should be music to the ears' of Broncos fans. You have to wonder if Bo Nix could shock the AFC in 2024 and find immediate success?

Could that immediate success be similar to what Drew Brees did well when he played for Sean Payton?