Chicago Bears dreams come true in 3-round NFL mock draft

The Chicago Bears decide the time to be aggressive is now, and they come away with just three selections in the 2024 NFL Draft in the first three rounds, or rather just one round
UCLA v USC / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Draft is loaded to the brim with talent atop the first round, and the Chicago Bears would be wise to ensure they maximize that opportunity. But what if the dreams came true and the Bears came away with not one, not two, but THREE blue chip prospects?

How can that be with only two first round picks? For one, it requires over-aggressive trading, and a stroke of luck. The Bears decide in this mock draft to go all in and give up a few future picks to ensure they land three of college football's elite players, putting them on their roster, and announcing their status of "we have arrived, deal with it".

It won't be easy, some teams aren't willing to make deals, but sometimes, the board falls in such a way that you have to make decisions that are risky, but have extremely high benefits. Let's take a look at this wild mock draft that sees Chicago trade up and move their entire draft into the first round and secure three starters and potentially three Pro Bowlers in one night.

RD 1 PICK 1: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

This is a no-brainer at this point. Some will criticize the pick because of other things such as nails and phone color or even mention the Johnny Manziel stuff. Last we checked, the Bears doing their full homework on Caleb Williams, and from the looks of it, are perfectly fine with bringing in the USC QB to their system. He will have to prove himself to the veterans considering how much they admired and respected Justin Fields, but Williams should be able to do it.

He's been battle tested at Gonzaga College High School in DC, at Oklahoma, and finally at USC. With no defense worth speaking of, Williams had to play the role of Superman for much of his college tenure, or rather all of it. He also won a Heisman Trophy, which is impressive although it doesn't guarantee anything. Nonetheless, the Panthers' blunder has given the Chicago Bears a golden opportunity to remake the franchise, and they need to use it here on Williams. Get it done.


RD 1 PICK 5 VIA TRADE (LAC): Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

This deal seems extremely possible, especially if four quarterbacks are taken with the first four picks, a first in NFL history. Additionally, prior to the season, there was chatter about the Bears getting both the top picks (No. 1 and 2 based on predictions) and landing Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. Now, it's a reality as MHJ joins Keenan Allen and DJ Moore to form a formidable trio. The Chargers will likely want to move back and acquire extra picks to help Justin Herbert so it's a win-win.

Over the last few years, MHJ, with his Hall of Fame father's blood running through his veins, made a dominant impression on college football. He may not be as explosive as a Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze, but he is extremely polished, has great hands and sharp route running ability and a strong knack of getting open. In this offense, you need a player like that to complement with Allen and Moore, and MHJ fits the bill. Oh, and he's a blue-chip prospect, so that helps.


RD 1 PICK 14 VIA TRADE (NO): Dallas Turner, DE, Alabama

Wishful thinking, but in this case, let's play with the idea. The Saints are in cap trouble so many years, it would be wise for them to stock up on picks and their scouting department has been pretty efficient in finding value in later rounds. The Bears at this point need playmakers and need to be aggressive while Caleb Williams is on a rookie deal. So, you push the chips in and go for it now, and land the key edge rusher besides Montez Sweat that they need at this point.

The interior of the defensive line has talent and the Bears can find hidden gems in UDFA or from the waiver wire. They know how to do it. At the same time, you have to get those blue chip prospects in the first round that can change the life of a team. The Bears defense came alive with Montez Sweat, but he needs another guy alongside him to wreak havoc. Turner can do that and has done that his entire career at Alabama. Don't overthink. Be persistent, make the call, and get the pressure cooker.

Next. Caleb Williams could potentially be under historic pressure during rookie season. Caleb Williams could potentially be under historic pressure during rookie season. dark