Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields appears headed toward a backup job in 2024

For those who were paying attention, this should not be a surprise.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields might be stuck in limbo, especially if the Bears decide to send him elsewhere and draft Caleb Williams. When the offseason began, it seemed like there would have been quite a few teams lining up to trade for Justin Fields. And as some correctly saw, the trade market for Fields is clearly not all that, as the QB appears headed toward a backup job in 2024.

Through three seasons, Fields has earned a 10-28 record, throwing for 40 touchdowns, 30 interceptions, and fumbling 38 times. He is not, and has never been a franchise quarterback in the NFL, and no, the Bears weren't putting him at a disadvantage in 2023. Folks, Justin Fields isn't a franchise QB, and that's OK.

Not every first-round QB ends up being a franchise passer, and it's weird to see that the former Ohio State Buckeye still has firm believers. Well, among some of the original destinations that people predicted Fields would go to, those teams have pretty much filled their QB need that Fields could have.

The Minnesota Vikings signed Sam Darnold. The Las Vegas Raiders signed Gardner Minshew. The New England Patriots signed Jacoby Brissett. And even the Indianapolis Colts signed Joe Flacco. As of now, there isn't an obvious destination for Fields, and his best path forward might be to serve as a QB2 on a team that runs an offense more angled toward his skillset.

The Philadelphia Eagles could make a bit of sense, and even the Baltimore Ravens appear like a logical landing spot. And it seems like the initial desire for Justin Fields was greatly exaggerated by the media and other NFL talking heads. The truth appears like a harsh one; perhaps no team really wants Justin Fields unless he comes over on a very cheap trade and as a backup.

A good indicator of what the truth is about Justin Fields is how other teams/front offices feel about him, and as of now, it isn't much. And if Justin Fields was a franchise quarterback, he would have been traded already. Additionally, if he was a franchise QB, why would the Bears be looking to move on?

Right now, the best scenario for Justin Fields with the little glimmer of hope he has to be a franchise QB is to take a backup job in 2024.