Chicago Bears should stay away from possibility of hiring Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is not what the Chicago Bears need.
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It seems likely that both the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots will be moving on from their respective head coaches at the end of the 2023 NFL Season. Well, the Bears should stay away from the possibility of hiring Bill Belichick. I don't think either team retains their current head coach, and for Bears' HC Matt Eberflus, he's probably going to have to make it as a coach in the NFL as a coordinator from now on.

However, if Robert Kraft decides to move on from Bill Belichick, who has occupied the role as the Patriots HC for decades, he may have some appeal from other teams. And one of those other teams could be the Chicago Bears, who have not had sustained success for years now. The Bears have a solid foundation to an extent, but do need a legitimate head coach to oversee the rest of the roster building and to get the QB and offense fixed.

I see why Bears' fans might advocate for someone like Belichick, as he's a stable coach with six Super Bowl trophies as coach of the New England Patriots. However, when you look deeper as his HC tenure without Tom Brady and his tenure as the GM, it's not great. Well, Belichick has a losing record as a head coach without Tom Brady as his QB.

Matt Eberflus
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And as of late, Belichick's moves as the de-facto GM of the Patriots have been pretty horrid, and it came to a boiling point in 2021 when the Patriots went on a spending spree in free agency. Why did they go on a spending spree a couple of years ago? Well, a huge reason why is the amount of NFL Draft misses that Belichick has been responsible for.

And if Belichick were to end up in Chicago, he'd surely want a heavy influence on the roster. And Belichick's failure to adapt to the modern-day NFL and him being an old-school defensive coach is precisely the opposite of what the Chicago Bears need. The Bears need someone innovative with a deliberate plan to fix the offense.

The franchise needs to move on from the defensive schtick and embrace the challenge of trying to field an elite offense. That is what the Bears need to do, and hiring Bill Belichick is not going to help their situation.