Three teams that could splurge in 2024 NFL Free Agency

Which teams can splurge in 2024 free agency?

Houston Texans Introduce DeMeco Ryans as Head Coach
Houston Texans Introduce DeMeco Ryans as Head Coach / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Ideally, the NFL free agency period should only be for signing players to cover up for teams missing on players in the NFL Draft, but it has turned into an arm's race. To an extent, the latter part here is still true; teams who invest in the free-agent market are mostly doing so because some of their draft picks did not pan out, but I do think we've seen an uptick in teams just going bonkers in this period to try and build a Super Bowl team.

And it does feel like the patience among NFL front offices and ownership groups is not nearly as high as it was before. Teams are trying to quickly rebuild and try to invest heavily in the FA market to put the finishing touches on what they think could be a Super Bowl roster. And yeah, I think there will be a ton more fireworks in next year's free agency period.

Let's look at three teams that could spend big in the 2024 NFL Free Agency period.

Three teams that could splurge in 2024 NFL Free Agency
1. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are getting themselves into great position for the long-term. They are 8-6, riding the solid play of Gardner Minshew and an excellent coaching job by rookie head coach Shane Steichen. Their rookie QB Anthony Richardson hurt his shoulder and has been out for most of the season, but the Colts do look like a team that can squeak into the postseason and perhaps win nine or 10 games.

Well, Richardson is obviously on his rookie contract, and they'd surely hope that Richardson takes a leap in year two. With their QB not needing paid for years now, this is the perfect time to be aggressive in free agency since the cap space won't be eaten up by a large QB contract. Getting another playmaker on offense and investing more along the defensive side of the ball should be what the Colts focus on in 2024.