Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 12 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings

After a tough, heartbreaking loss last week to the Detroit Lions the Chicago Bears lick their wounds and go at it again, a rematch with the Minnesota Vikings.
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The Chicago Bears suffered another brutal loss last week to the Detroit Lions. This one was probably their toughest one yet. They owned a 12-point lead with under four minutes left in the game. At one point, they had a 98 percent probability of winning the game. Alas, it was not to be, as they ended up giving up 17 points late and suffered another frustrating loss.

Now the Bears try to lick their wounds and regroup. This week, they face the Minnesota Vikings. They had another heartbreaking loss when the two teams faced each other in Week 6. The Bears were down 19-13 but were marching down the field looking to take the lead.

The Bears were doing it despite losing quarterback Justin Fields earlier in the game. His replacement, Tyson Bagent, threw an interception in front of the end zone, however, and that game was another one added to the long frustrating ones Chicago Bears fans have had to endure in the past 28 games.

Now they get a second chance at the Vikings before they hit their bye week. Yes, they've had a couple of Thursday night games, and that gives them a mini-bye. However, now they have a full bye to try to heal up and try to figure out a way to raise some hopes as the season winds down.

The Chicago Bears take on the Minnesota Vikings and there are several storylines to follow.

There are several storylines happening in this game. The Bears aren't the only team looking forward to their bye week. The Vikings are as well. However, Minnesota is in the middle of the playoff race. They have missed some key players, though. Despite that, they are in the midst of a playoff race.

Here are some storylines to follow in the Chicago Bears Week 12 game against the Minnesota Vikings.