Chicago Bears: Studs and duds from latest frustrating late-game collapse

The Chicago Bears suffered yet another late-game collapse, this time against the Cleveland Browns. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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The next two duds were so profound that they deserved their own page.

Dud: Luke Getsy, Offensive Coordinator

Luke Getsy's season has been brutal. He has been too conservative a lot of times and has made peciliar calls. At one point in this game, he called a jet sweep for Tyler Scott on third and one that the Browns knew was coming and blew it up for a loss. He also didn't alternate the snap counts and the Browns defensive linemen jumped on the snaps.

Fields showed some success when he rolled out. Of course, Getsy decided to take away those rollouts and kept having Fields throw from the pocket. It has been a theme that Getsy prefers a pure pocket passer in his system. That is something Fields is not. Getsy fell in love with Tyson Bagent and would prefer having him over Fields.

Then there is the matter of targeting receivers. Once again, tight end Cole Kmet had a good start to the game. He had five targets and caught all of them. However, he only had 23 yards, though he did have a touchdown. In the second half, he received only two targets, not catching either of them.

It is mind-blowing that Getsy continues to go away from successful plays and effective players. It is clear that his play-calling is detrimental to the offense.

Dud: Matt Eberflus, Head Coach

The other person in charge of crafting the game plan is head coach Matt Eberflus. He made some head-scratching decisions that cost the team points. Twice he failed to use Cairo Santos to attempt field goals. The first was at the end of the first half. It would have been a 55-yard attempt against a stiff wind.

Eberflus explained that he felt that it was about eight yards too long for Santos. However, Santos attempted five kicks from where the Bears had it and made all five attempts.

The second time Eberflus failed to use Santos was in the third quarter. The Bears had fourth down on the Browns' 33. He decided to go for it but the offense failed to convert.

Just as with Getsy, the Bears are being held back by Eberflus. He has a great defensive mind. He molded the Bears' defense into a very tough unit. However, some of his decisions are just bad, even on defense. He uses a platoon system with his defensive players, resulting in having key players on the sideline in key situations.

Eberflus' decisions cost the Bears at a chance of scoring six points. Add the dropped pass by Tonyan and that is 13 points the Bears left on the table. They should have won comfortably, yet ended up with a loss.


If it was not clear to many then it should be crystal clear after this game -- the Chicago Bears offense is getting betrayed by the coaches. Getsy and Eberflus continually show that they are in over their heads in their positions and should not continue in those positions.