Chicago Bears: Tyler Scott should get a longer look in the offense

With the Chicago Bears' struggles and the team looking to see who is a real part of the rebuild, the coaches have to take a longer look at Tyler Scott
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Another frustrating season is progressing for the Chicago Bears. They suffered another embarrassing loss, this time at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. To make matters worse, it was in front of a primetime audience. The entire NFL world got to see the dysfunction surrounding the team.

Many people complained about what is forming between the fans who are pro-Justin Fields and anti-Fields. With the inconsistency of his play, the fanbase has gotten split. To give you an idea of how things are, there is a faction of fans who feel that the backup, rookie Tyson Bagent, should be the new starter. They feel the team should look to consider him an option as the starter.

That is an entire thing but not the subject of this article. With the Bears not being too concerned with wins and losses, they should be looking at different players and see what they have moving forward. There is a certain player who has not played as much but can make an impression.

The Chicago Bears should give a long look at rookie wide receiver Tyler Scott.

Scott is the Bears' fourth-round pick. He should play a bigger role in the offense. That is especially true after Chicago traded Chase Claypool to the Miami Dolphins. Claypool was the WR3 so without him someone should step in and take over those snaps.

The coaches saw fit to give some of those snaps to Velus Jones. Jones was the controversial third-round pick in the 2022 draft. Most of the draft analysts projected him as a fifth-round pick so getting him there in the third round was a surprise, to say the least. This was general manager Ryan Poles' first draft so he wants his picks to do well.

What we also know is that Poles is not one who will double down on his mistakes. He was willing to cut PJ Walker in favor of Bagent. He cut his losses and shipped Claypool to Miami. Will he see that Jones is a mistake he needs to move on from?

Jones just has not worked out. In last season and again in this season, he has made a number of critical mistakes. Last season, he muffed two punts that ultimately changed probably wins into losses. On Sunday, he took out a kickoff instead of taking a touchback. It resulted in a negative play.

Later in the game, Jones had the most ridiculous, embarrassing thing happen. He made a double move on his defender and used his speed to blow past him. He was all by himself in the end zone and Bagent hit him with a nice pass. However, Jones tripped and fell. Even so, he had a shot at still catching the ball. He bobbled and dropped it, though.

It is time for the Bears to throw Scott in there and play more snaps. For the season, he has just 8 catches for 62 yards. He's played on 181 snaps, or just 35 percent. As the Bears start the second head into the second half of the season, Scott has to have his activity pick up greatly. Jones is showing he just isn't the player who can help. Scott could be that guy. Why continue to throw the ball to Jones and have him fail when you can give Scott a shot? They are similar players so put Scott in the same situations and see how he performs.

In college, Scott showed that he was a big play waiting to happen. His scoring plays averaged 46.6 yards per play. He uses his speed well and he runs good routes. Route-running is something Jones does not do. He can run the fly route or take a slant. Also, he could run the jet sweep. Those plays utilize his excellent speed. However, that is all you can use him for. He cannot run the other routes

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In Scott the Chicago Bears have a wide receiver who has plenty of speed and who can run good routes. He should be the future of the team. Jones should be known as a failed experiment. WIll Pol