Chiefs Rumors: 5 trade deadline deals that would break the NFL

If the rich got richer like the Chiefs would in these deals, the NFL world would explode
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton
Kansas City Chiefs, Courtland Sutton / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs are once again the best team in the NFL, and they are still staying relatively quiet.

In fact, you might know more about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce than you do about the Chiefs' actual product on the field. At times, maybe the Swift and Kelce shenanigans have been more interesting, too.

But, Kansas City looks like they're figuring things out offensively and will hit their stride, shortly. That's pretty frightening, considering just how good they are overall. If the best is yet to come, watch out.

Speaking of what's to come, the NFL trade deadline is this coming Tuesday, and the Chiefs very well could be buyers. I mean, why not? Why wouldn't they try to continue to achieve greatness? If the Chiefs pulled off one of the following deals, though, the Chiefs would break the league.

1. Harrison Smith heads to Kansas City to win a Super Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings could still expect to be sellers at the deadline, although a win over San Francisco has them feeling mighty confident and at 3-4, they are far from out of it.

Still, trading Harrison Smith could net them a decent pick, and Smith would bring the "boom" to this Chiefs defense. Already, Kansas City is an excellent defense; one of the best in the league, actually. But, adding Smith to a room featuring a couple of guys who have been ho-hum to this point, in Bryan Cook and Justin Reid, could completely change things.

Smith is 34 years old and toward the tail end of his career. He has yet to win a Super Bowl, having spent his whole career with Minnesota. Coming to Kansas City would be a similar feel to when the Chiefs signed Tyrann Mathieu. Smith's presence as a thunderous playmaker and a known ball hawk could catapult this defense into bigger and even better things going forward.