Chiefs schedule: Predicting the score of all 4 remaining games

How will the Kansas City Chiefs do in the final four weeks?
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The Kansas City Chiefs are going through borderline unparalleled struggles in the Patrick Mahomes era. We are 13 games into the 2023 season, and Kansas City has already lost five games. That's abnormal, and it's not just the fact that the Chiefs are losing more games than usual, but the way in which they are losing that's a little troubling at this point in time.

In recent years, the Chiefs have basically had the AFC West locked up by this point in the season, but right now, they have the Denver Broncos in the rearview mirror just one game behind with four left to play. The Chiefs, needless to say, need to take care of business. They have four games remaining just like every other NFL team, and this stretch run will be critical for not only maintaining their streak in the AFC West but also in keeping their playoff matchups as favorable as possible.

While nothing is impossible, the top two seeds feel a bit out of reach for Kansas City. But again, it's not impossible. The Chiefs could definitely catch up to the 9-4 Dolphins, but the 10-3 Ravens might have a stranglehold on that top seed.

How will the final four games play out for the Chiefs? Let's make some picks and score predictions for every matchup.

Week 15: Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM ET

In Week 15, the Chiefs will travel to New England to take on Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and this is a matchup that doesn't have nearly as much luster as the NFL would like. The Patriots have been one of the worst teams in the NFL this season with an absolutely horrendous offense, averaging 13.0 points per game, which ranks dead last in the NFL this season.

Although the Chiefs' offense has had its own share of struggles, you definitely expect them to be able to outscore a team like the Patriots, right? As good as the New England defense has been at times this season, and even with the Patriots potentially playing spoiler on the road, this is a game the Chiefs should probably win by two scores.

And I think that's exactly what we're going to see.

Prediction: Chiefs win 27-16