Christian McCaffrey continues to do RB market huge favors with new extension

What a guy.
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Christian McCaffrey is one of the best overall players in the NFL, and he was again rewarded with a huge contract extension. Not only is it rare to see a running back sign a huge contract extension in today's NFL, but to sign two of them is quite bonkers. Well, McCaffrey embodies what bonkers means in a player.

The two-year extension is worth nearly $40 million and gives him $19 million per season, which is again at the top of the market. The current contract he was on, which was originally done by the Carolina Panthers, was worth about $16 million per year. That had reset the RB market when it was signed.

McCaffrey was traded to the San Francisco 49ers during the 2022 NFL Season. Since then, he's played in 27 games for the Niners. He's racked up 2,205 yards, 20 rushing touchdowns, 1,028 receiving yards, and another 11 receiving touchdowns. In total, he has 3,233 scrimmage yards and 31 total touchdowns in 27 games.

It's other-worldly production, and the Niners give him what is likely to be his last major payday in the NFL. Christian McCaffrey has struggled with injuries during his career, but he's missed just one game over the last two seasons, so he seems to have found a nice bout of health.

For the 49ers, that's another player they have taken care of. Brandon Aiyuk is their stud wide receiver who is due for a new deal, but there hasn't been one at this time. You have to wonder if the 49ers are willing to trade him at this point. There is still some time to get a deal done, but with them turning their attention to McCaffrey, you have to wonder if Aiyuk and his agency is even getting the time of day from the 49ers.